Nieuw gepubliceerd: ‘ Berkeley Students meet in Amsterdam, July 16th 2014’

Humphrey de la Croix
Inge Dümpel

For the fourth time since 2011 editors Humphrey de la Croix and Inge Dümpel was given the opportunity to introduce the Berkeley students visiting the Benelux countries because of their study travel abroad, into the backgrounds of the culture and history of the Indo-Europeans (Indos) of the former Netherlands Indies. With thanks to professor Jeroen Dewulf the enthusiastic organizer and companion of the students. It’s an event we are always looking forward to.

Humphrey’s lecture was entitled: ‘The Indos of the Netherlands Indies. Indo-Dutch immigrants in a post- colonial diaspora’.
Inge’s lecture was about the Japanese occupation of the Netherlands Indies and the war of Indonesian decolonization. She explains their impact on the Eurasians or Indo-European (Indos) population.
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